Series 10 — Bachelor by Adrian Galli

Project Kr, a Year in Photography, Series 10 inspired by some personal events in my life and a moment of self deprecation, laughing at myself, that my home is a total bachelor pad. A small peak behind the scenes of what my mother might be horrified to see should she suddenly appear in my flat.

Some rare views only seen by few—for better or worse—inside my bedroom, shorts left in the middle of the floor, underwear drying in my bathroom, and a lobster/bracelet combo that stands as a tribute of a story of friendship and the other, a very tough story I’ve never told anyone.

Series 7 — Traveling Home Night by Adrian Galli

Project Kr, a Year in Photography, Series 7 is a trip home at night. Not worrying about sharpness, focus, and not even slowing my city-walk stride, these photographs are point of view shots of my trip home.

I’m a minimalist and very much a purist with my photography but this “shoot from the hip” photography gave me the opportunity to let go of my normal creative desires and enjoy the chaos of low shutter speeds, motion blur, missed focus, and something strange framing but also mix in my favorite high contrast, black and white photography. And a few homages to previous series.

Series 8 coming March 22nd.

Series 6 — Bottle Caps by Adrian Galli

Project Kr, a Year in Photographs, deep into macro with one of my favorite small things: bottle caps. While doing this project, however, I found I really like what I got but also found myself wanting more. Almost taking things into design, I will revisit this project this year with a new and colorful idea.

Special thanks to Matt Molby who provided some of these awesome bottle caps.

Series 7 coming March 12, 2019.