Photo Credit: Patrick Holland

Photo Credit: Patrick Holland

Director, cinematographer, foodie, tech guru, sixteen year Apple, Inc. veteran, and global activist with a love for travel, science, and photography. Follow me on my adventures or have me join one of yours. Photography was once just a hobby but has become my favorite pastime and integrated itself into my film and TV career. If you're ever in Chicago or see that I'm visiting your town, I'd love to go out shooting.

I made this site to showcase my photography but if you'd like to see my film work, and my team's work, head over to Onyx Creations, Inc. We're a production company based out of Chicago. My directing and cinematography skills have been honed by many years and projects I have worked on around the world; from documentaries in France to commercials in California, narratives in England to music videos in Chicago. You'll find my commercial work with companies such as Apple, BMW, SC Johnson, Clorox, and Canon. My films can be found on Vimeo and other distribution methods.

Recently, I have brought my broad ranging knowledge and experience in the technology arena to Aid Africa's Children, a non-profit who's mission is building schools, attaining clean water, and supporting the medical needs of communities of children in Africa. As Vice President of Social Media and Technology, I help make the decisions guiding said efforts forward.

If you love my work, my store has original fine art prints available while digital licenses of works and collections of my photography are available on

As always, please feel free to contact me anytime.

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