Digital Tapestries

Not your typical film crew, Hart Ginsburg, a clinical therapist gone film director, leads the team and integrates mindfulness with existential philosophy—the belief that individuals have the capacity to develop meaning in their lives through life’s inherent challenges. Hart originally formed Digital Tapestries in response to serving the diverse needs of his clients through interactive books and films. Each of Digital Tapestries’ productions encourages participants to reach beyond a surface level response to discover their own humanistic strengths.Hart’s unique approach is derived from his life experiences.

Bringing my directing and cinematography experience to Digital Tapestries has been a highlight of the past two years. Fashioning traditional cinematography, our films are based on Hart's photography, mixed media books, and therapy methods. Usually shot in a 24-hour film festival format, mixing photography and filmmaking, we explore humanity's most noble qualities with beauty, mystery, crossing cultures, and a touch of comedic flair. #banana

One of my favorite films of ours below, please join us at various film festivals and our viewings at the Gene Siskel Film Center.

Footsteps (Arabic)

Footsteps (10 minutes) is a short film with Arabic and Spanish versions produced by Digital Tapestries. The title Footsteps was chosen connecting to the the underlying theme and visual motif of traces of human footsteps imprinted on the earth’s surface. The film through the central character, Mort, takes audience to work through our uncertain world and it is through his travels and engagement in society that we can reflect upon ourselves in how we live our lives. The film evokes questions on race and ethnicity and encourages us to believe what matters is not our external identity, but rather the way we choose to walk through our life. A sub-theme, through the metaphor of the child’s shoe, is that children guide us and it is by listening to their inner voice that we as adults can also find our way.

The film is based on a poem in a recently published book Footsteps written by Hart in response to discriminatory policies. Hart calls his artistic process Street Psychotherapy. “Through our ‘Street Psychotherapy,’ I hope to facilitate for our audience meditative moments of reflection and discovery beyond the surface of our human existence, by examining difficult themes, such as our current political landscape,” said Hart.