Aid Africa's Children


Adrian's Life Rule #31:

If what you have you do not need, be kind and share with someone who does.

My Role

Having worked in film and TV, for Apple, Inc. fifteen years, and a passion to innovation and problem solving, I share my talents and skills with Aid Africa's Children as Vice President of Technology. As a non-profit, our goal is to bring learning and growth to children and families to underserved countries in Africa.

Aid Africa's Children called on my experience and expertise in technology consulting to bring a new website to life, carry out their social media initiatives, and open their future to new ideas and technologies to help those in need.

Aid Africa's Children

The seeds of Aid Africa’s Children were planted with an eye opening mission trip to provide healthcare treatment and relief services to children and the victims of HIV/AIDS in impoverished African communities. Volunteers witnessed the toll of shattered lives leaving helpless children at the mercy of a worldwide AIDS pandemic with little chance of survival. From those experiences, Aid Africa’s Children, an Illinois Not For Profit 501(c)(3), was formed in 2006 with the support of like-minded individuals who wanted to make a difference, one child and one community at a time.

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Our Impact

Sometimes tragedies occur that threaten the life, health, or welfare of communities and regions. At the time of crisis, those communities and especially the children need to rely on help from people willing to share their time, expertise, money, and caring.  

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Get Involved

Whether it’s building a school, making phone calls, helping or running an event, having your club sponsor one of our calls, or just spreading the word about Aid Africa’s Children, it’s all appreciated!