Adrian's Gear


The Cool, the Refined, the Hardcore Gear worth having.

MacBook, iPhone, New Balance, Aviators, Nikon, Leatherman... brands and trademarks of international recognition. But there is so much more. Join me through the exploration of human ingenuity and innovation to find the coolest gear on the planet.


Favorite Gear

Of all the things I've found in my journeys, these are my favorites. Day in, day out, a day rarely goes by I do not use this gear. Get it.


Filmmaker's  Kit

They call me the Boys Scout on set—I'm always prepared. I've spent a lot of time collecting thing a filmmaker should never be without.



Many years of training, exploring, and testing, these are the apps for macOS, iOS, and watchOS that never leave my device.


In 2009, I started a WordPress blog called Adrian's Gear. I love cool stuff, finding the best, hunting down and reviewing the things humanity has made really worth having. Some thing were simple like a really great backpack while other items were power pieces of technology like my beloved Nikon D700. For a long time, I didn't update or add anything to the site and it may take me a long time to bring everything over from the old site but, with the rebranding of my blog as Hexagon, please join me in my cool gear journey Second Edition!

Ethics Statement: You will find links to buy these items I review but they are not affiliate links. I do not make any money if you decide to take my advice and purchase anything. Everything I review, I own, use, and have more than likely purchased it with my own money. Any gifts will be noted and should it have come from a manufacture, for example, I will continue to review as though I purchased it of my own accord. I am passionate about truly amazing gear and anyone who knows me will attest that I hold me integrity to the highest esteem.