One Photograph a Day is not Enough by Adrian Galli

Medium Carmine, Chicago, 6/8/2017

Medium Carmine, Chicago, 6/8/2017

RGB 175, 64, 40
CMYK 0, 63, 77, 31
HSB 10, 77, 68
HEX #AF4028

A Year in Photographs has been an exciting, challenging, and occasionally frustrating project but I'm seriously enjoying it. To find a photograph every day for a year is a huge commitment. Though, it has become routine in the sense I no longer need to "think" about what I'm going to photography but the image more and more just jumps out at me.

In the beginning, I would spend hours sometimes wondering around until I found the photograph for the day. I ended up shooting hundreds of photos in a day. While quality is important in some circumstances, I simply do not want to store, manage, edit, organize, and keep all of them.

Part of my personal growth during this project has been reducing this time and volume. I have found I can imagine what I want to get for the day and go out and find it in sometimes only one photograph. While it is rare, several days over the past few months the first picture I captures ended up being the photo of the day.

That said, I have shot many more photographs than what one seeing in the daily sense. It has been hard to decide sometimes, too. And at the end of many months, People, for example, I wanted to continue that journey but a new month brought a new theme. But I have continued these themes as branches of my work and would like to share some that have not been seen.

Please continue to follow A Year in Photographs. I do enjoy sharing my work and hearing what people think of my photography.

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May — A Year in Photographs by Adrian Galli

Honolulu Blue, Chicago, 5/4/2017

Honolulu Blue, Chicago, 5/4/2017

May was a particularly challenging month. The theme: Color. The challenge: sharing color images, only, but the subject must be a different color than the rest of the image. Each image named after the color and their color values as just a bit of trivia.

Starting out, I had a rather tight beginning to May and my schedule. I didn’t quite get off on the right foot. In fact, this was a month of mild frustration when is came to photography. I felt the most out of my element since the beginning of this project.

Candy Apple Red, Chicago, 5/1/2017

Candy Apple Red, Chicago, 5/1/2017

I find my color photography only lends itself to color when the photograph is best in color. In other words, as I’m capturing a photograph, I usually know then and there whether it will be black and white or color. Black and white is a comfortable place for me to photograph. I can “see” in black and white and I know what to expect when I convert my color image to black and white.

Color is really the same way. I literally see in color but there is a twist. I color image right out of the camera is rarely compelling. Why so many people use or used different film stock is to gain a certain style or look to their image.

The beauty of digital photography is one gets pretty much what one sees and then has the opportunity to apply their style to the image in post production. There lies the challenge. With black and white, the image might have a red filter or blue filter applied, higher or lower contrast, but over all, it will simply be black and white. That statement belies complexity of shooting black and white but color has a wide range of variables much harder to imagine.

Urobilin, Chicago, 5/8/2017

Urobilin, Chicago, 5/8/2017

The frustration was more or less the time I did not have to pursue this theme to my perfectionist conclusion. However, I found it compelling because I had to use several past themes to help sort out my vision. One theme in particular, April’s theme, Minimalism.

To have a subject stand out from the background as the only object in the image to maintain its color is a challenge. Urobilin, brought minimalism and color together. It ended up being in the middle of the pack when it comes to my favorite photographs of the months but it exemplifies the essence of the theme of Color.

On the other hand, People was my March theme and occasionally also popped up as with Sinopia, KU Crimson, and Portland Orange.

Sinopia, Chicago, 5/17/2017

Sinopia, Chicago, 5/17/2017

There were numerous automative images and staged photographs. Many food photos worked their way in which I rarely shoot but one’s kitchen is full of color. And the one thing I noticed most about this endeavor, aside for the challenge, it how little color people wear, or things in the city appear in color. There are places in this world where the lack of color would be the exception of the rule but, here in Chicago, while the city is beautiful, it does not share of the color of say Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

While this month did not bring as many outstanding photographs has past months, two valuable ideals came from this theme.

  1. Learning what you don’t want is equally as important as what you do want.
  2. Being the most challenging theme thus far, it was a huge learning experience and honed a certain virtue of minimalism, in which I had little experience.

Like People, I will continue this theme as a branch of A Year in Photographs but June is here and, as such, a new theme: Architecture. I am certain to enjoy this month in one of my favorite subjects of both photography and vocations and can not wait to start sharing photographs of June.

Up next: JuneArchitecture

Color — May

On the Way at the Music Box by Adrian Galli

For nearly a year, I have been working on a series of short films with Hart Ginsburg merging story, photography, cinematography, and voice. I'm proud to share the showing of these films and more from Digital Tapestries at the Music Box here in Chicago.

On the Way, at Music Box Theatre on Saturday, May 20 from 2:00-4:00pm. 

On the Way is an experimental film trilogy created by the Chicago-based multi-media artist Hart Ginsburg. The film series aims to provide viewers with reflective visual and poetic meditations upon the diverse and interconnected qualities of urban life, in post-election times. For more info, please visit the following site. No admission fee is required, but all must RSVP tickets at:

The program includes remarks by special guests including Yoko Noge, a Chicago-based blues vocalist/pianist, whose powerful voice narrates On the Way.
— Digital Tapestries

April — A Year In Photographs by Adrian Galli


Spiral, Chicago, 4/6/2017

Spiral, Chicago, 4/6/2017

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
— Leonardo da Vinci

Minimalism is some of my favorite photography. Clean, simple lines, contrast, minimal color, patterns, all make for a sophisticated yet simple photograph.

This month was a challenge. While I feel very comfortable creating images that exemplifies “minimalism,” my ability to go out photographing this month was limited. A sprained ankle (a birthday present to myself), kept me somewhat immobilized.

Sine, Chicago, 4/22/2017

Sine, Chicago, 4/22/2017

Much of my photography this year has come from walks around Chicago, Mexico Beach, Florida, and going out on small “mission” with other photographers. Having to stay put more, somewhat cramped my style. However, looking back over my photography from April, I am not disappointed with what I created. Spiral and Sine are two of my favorites from Minimalism. I certainly feel these two are true to my overall vision of minimalism.

On the other hand, as with all months so far, I reevaluated my perspective on a subject matter. On several occasions, I had to simply find something to photograph within a few steps (or limps) because I could not travel far to find my photograph for the day. A few, like Romanesque, were simply found while sitting, working on a filmset.

Romanesque, Chicago, 4/10/2017

Romanesque, Chicago, 4/10/2017

As my ankle returned to normal, I did venture out. People was my subject for March and as that month wrapped, I found I wanted, or perhaps longed, to continue photographing people. People made their way into a month of Minimalism; photographing my friend and artist Rory Coyne gave Day 108 a subject. For Earth Day, my colleagues and I ventured to Oakwood Beach in Chicago for a beach cleanup volunteer day; Avery – Day 111 brought another person to Minimalism.

For those following this year long mission, January was devoted simply to Black and White and February, Shapes and Patterns. Upon self reflecting, Much of those months are reflected here in April. Shapes and Patterns clearly share minimalistic attributes while I also find Minimalism to be greatly connected to Black and White. The skills and vision of all photography are connected and looking back on 120 days of photographs, I know more clearly where my style appears but also areas of growth.

April was a great experience. Continuing a subject of People throughout the year and furthering Minimalism into the coming months will be fun but for now, May is upon us and my next challenge is here.

Up next: MayColor

Thirty Photographs — April