The Value of a Small Sensor / by Adrian Galli

This article is huge to me. I shoot with digital 35mm sensors, super35, Micro Four Thirds, iPhones, and more. There is nothing more irritating than scuttle between photographer arguing about sensor size, equivalencies, etc. A small sensor is just as valuable as a large one.

My experience in cinematography is one where I value the background as much as the subject and foreground. You'll find that in many films, the background is very prominent and not just a blurry field of color. Many discuss ultra shallow depth of field; razor thin where only the subjects eye is in focus but their nose isn't. There is no doubt that in some situations that is important but I find the challenge and fun of finding an excellent background, working with the background, and making it part of the image so valuable that I wouldn't want to blur out such details.

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