The Red Latte / by Adrian Galli

For several months, I have been working with some great people, Hart Ginsburg and Dustin Ryan Yu, on a project. I have been somewhat quiet about the project because I do not like announcing or sharing things until they are complete but the time is at hand.

A little background:
Psychotherapist by day, photographer by night, Hart envisioned a series of mixed media books; photography and writing. With inspiration from his time in Japan, his life here in Chicago, and his love of photography, he is involved in documentary and book projects, concerning contemporary challenges of the human condition.

Dustin, from Toronto, to Hong Kong, and currently in Chicago, with a degree in Psychology, designs and creates along side myself and Hart expressing his motifs of acculturation, adaptation, and immigration are themes that frequently recur in his art practice.

Together we produced a series of photography books and art installations that connect visual, audio, and written forms. With vocals by Japanese jazz artist, Yoko Noge, sounds mixing by Zac Schmidt, and music by Benjamin Thomas, I'm excited to share the trailer for On the Way: The Red Latte and the book available through

Producer - Hart Ginsburg
Editor - Adrian Galli
Designer - Dustin Ryan Yu
Vocals - Yoko Noge
Sound - Zac Schmidt
Music - Benjamin Thomas