Micro Four Thirds vs. Medium Format (film) / by Adrian Galli

A dark path one walks down when discussing technology with most photographers. This is especially true when comparing different brands, lenses, sensors, etc. I have my opinions on various technologies and such but, having worked in the technology industry for 15 years, my experience has taught me that there are few technologies that are inherently "better" than another but exist in a much grayer area.

It is no secret that one of my favorite cameras to shoot with is my Olympus E-M5 (Micro Four Thirds) camera. The quality is excellent from both a technical standpoint and imaging.

Image quality is a multidimensional thing, some of which can be quantified and some not. Still, by no measure of image quality does a good Micro 4/3 camera and lens perform more poorly than a good medium format film rig, and by some measures it performs considerably better. My overall subjective evaluation is that the aggregate image quality of Micro 4/3 today, in film terms, falls midway between 6×7 medium format and 4×5-inch large format.

Almost everyone you can find who is still arguing that Micro 4/3 can’t match up to professional film has not done substantial amounts of serious work in both media. I believe the technical term is ‘talking through one’s hat.
— The Online Photographer

The Online Photographer: Micro Four Thirds vs. Medium Format.

Let no one tell you your gear isn't "good enough" or that a "real" photographer would never use it or what you "should" be using. If they do, ignore them.