September — A Year in Photographs / by Adrian Galli


Where Ideas Sing, Chicago, 9/29.2017

Where Ideas Sing, Chicago, 9/29.2017

I'm writing this a late. These past weeks have been busy but I made a commitment to this project and it continues.

I work in film and TV and my photography is really a passion; something I can do alone, whenever I have time, or can make time fairly easily, but I also continue to exercise my craft in film and TV in photographic form.

While cinematography is about a series of moments, photography is a single moment in time, never to occur again. They both have their challenges and, in September, the challenge was to bring the two together. All photographs we to be shot in the same style as I would if I filmed the moment.

I used my iPhone 7, Olympus OM-D system, and Nikon, for all images but then cropped them either 16:9 (HD widescreen) or the widescreen cinema ratio of 2:39:1.



The month started out with the wedding of two good friends, Mazi and Chrissy; a perfect opening to a month of cinematic photographs.

As a cinematographer on a film shoot, Spaces, I also snuck in some still from on set. An easy time getting my photos for those day. But other days, I had to set out and simply look at the world in a film styling way.

After thirteen years in the industry, I would say I see the world in a cinematic and photography way. was my grandfather always tells me, "I never see the things you see. Ordinary things aren't ordinary to you." I do wonder how the world looks through other peoples' eyes.

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