Photographing People – Rory Coyne / by Adrian Galli

Rory Coyne

Rory Coyne

March was a challenging month of photographing people as part of A Year in Photographs. Much of what I photographed had the air of street photography. While it was not my intention, nor a negative outcome, I felt I did not do my theme of 'people' justice; so strongly so, I am continuing photographing people indefinitely. 

Rory Coyne, an old friend and colleague, is a painter and leather craftsman. Working his craft in oil painting, his classic style of painting reminds me of many painting from the Renaissance, however, his choice of subject matter merging human and animal forms depicts mythological creatures.

On the other hand, Rory has a second talent for leather crafts. Collars, cuffs, belts, and some more BDSM inspired items, my observations of Rory's artwork belies my first observation of mythology, and my second, a symbiotic nature of humans and animals or even a criticism of human interactions with animal.

The intentions of his leather works and artworks shed light on my friend's psyche. While I'm not about to psychoanalyze Rory, spending the afternoon chatting, observing, and sipping on tea with him, only added intrigue to his personality.

With few of my friend having Rory's craft, I always am in awe of the skill needed for working with paint. And Rory's classic yet unique paintings are like nothing I can recall from walking through many art museums. It was only only a pleasure to watch him work but also to catch up with an old friend.

I encourage you to view his stellar artwork and perhaps add some one of a kind leather goods to your wardrobe.

I will no doubt want to revisit Rory's realm to see him work with leather but until then, please enjoy a few more photographs.


Rory Coyne