One Photograph a Day is not Enough / by Adrian Galli

Medium Carmine, Chicago, 6/8/2017

Medium Carmine, Chicago, 6/8/2017

RGB 175, 64, 40
CMYK 0, 63, 77, 31
HSB 10, 77, 68
HEX #AF4028

A Year in Photographs has been an exciting, challenging, and occasionally frustrating project but I'm seriously enjoying it. To find a photograph every day for a year is a huge commitment. Though, it has become routine in the sense I no longer need to "think" about what I'm going to photography but the image more and more just jumps out at me.

In the beginning, I would spend hours sometimes wondering around until I found the photograph for the day. I ended up shooting hundreds of photos in a day. While quality is important in some circumstances, I simply do not want to store, manage, edit, organize, and keep all of them.

Part of my personal growth during this project has been reducing this time and volume. I have found I can imagine what I want to get for the day and go out and find it in sometimes only one photograph. While it is rare, several days over the past few months the first picture I captures ended up being the photo of the day.

That said, I have shot many more photographs than what one seeing in the daily sense. It has been hard to decide sometimes, too. And at the end of many months, People, for example, I wanted to continue that journey but a new month brought a new theme. But I have continued these themes as branches of my work and would like to share some that have not been seen.

Please continue to follow A Year in Photographs. I do enjoy sharing my work and hearing what people think of my photography.

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