“Coffin Cubicles” – Photos by Benny Lam / by Adrian Galli

Photo credit Benny Lam

Photo credit Benny Lam

It appears I’m a bit late to the party... perhaps the funeral. Benny Lam, a photographer in Hong Kong, explores what the United Nations has condemned as “an insulult to human dignity,” according the The Sun.

So fascinated, and appalled, by these disturbing photographs, I researched more about this unfortunate development in human living circumstances. Sadly, there is little more about “coffin cubicles” on the internet. All searches seemed to lead me back to Benny Lam and his documentary photography. 

Hong Kong is no doubt an incredible city with a rare mix of landscape in the background and urban sprawl affront. However, rent and disparity has become such a problem that some people simply can not afford anything more than these illegal “apartments” no bigger than a bathroom.

i highly recommend viewing some of these photographs in National Geographic’s article Life Inside Hong Kong’s ‘Coffin Cubicles’.