Project Kr — A Year in Photographs 2019 / by Adrian Galli

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In 2017, I embarked on a photographic journey. Feeling a bit stale and uninspired creatively, a New Year’s resolution of mine was to enjoy a creative endeavor just for my own growth, enjoyment, and challenge. No matter what was happening professionally, I would have a voyage of my own, that I controlled and made into whatever I wanted it to be.

A Year in Photographs (2017) was a massive challenge. Taking a photo every day for 365 days was not only hard to maintain from a time standpoint but a massive exercise in discipline. In fact, while creativity and performance was an important goal, the discipline was probably greatest accompaniment. Nothing stood in my way and nothing did. I succeeded in that journey.

On December 31st, 2017, I had to decide whether to continue the journey into 2018 or move onto new New Year’s resolutions. One January 1st, 2018, I did not continue the photography path. But there was a bittersweet feeling I had for several days. With a great sense of accompaniment, I still felt like I was leaving behind something that had become apart of my life—like a friend moving away or leaving a team of people who one loves working with. But there was also a sense fo relief. I one thousand percent recommend one take on a 365 Days of Something because it is such an incredibly rewarding challenge but no one can really relay the intensity it can be.

A good friend of mine, Tonja, is a music creative and my photography journey inspired her to make a beat every day. I know how difficult it can be and her stamina is inspiring to me.

So on this day, January 1st, 2019, I start the year by saying, I’m back and the feelings for this beginning are as anxious and exciting as in 2017.

Project Kr—36 series in one year. For each series, I have ten days. As much a creative endeavor as it is an exercise in quality, determination, and persistence.

It is difficult to put this moment all into words so I think the best way to start is:

Series 1 coming January 11, 2019