Apple Pencil 2 and iPad Pro / by Adrian Galli


There is something special about using Apple Pencil 2 on the new iPad Pro. Apple Pencil 2 is the first piece of technology in my 15 years in the tech industry to impress me in such a way that I can not completely articulate my point.

Not hours ago, I was discussing this very observation with a colleague and friend who just got her iPad Pro and Apple Pencil 2. We both we inclined to say that it writes/draws significantly better than the original Apple Pencil.

But why?


Perhaps it is the imperceptible lag from tip to writing? The twenty milliseconds of lag while using the first generation is apparently imperceptible but maybe on a subconscious level the human mind still intuitively notes that lag and a sliver of analogy doubt, however paper thin that doubt is, nags at one’s perception. 

Apple did not mention anything about the lag time of Apple Pencil 2—Apple is always one to boast about significant improvements. If, for example, the lag is ten milliseconds, Apple could easily have said, ‘Lag time has been cut in half.” Marketing folks hearts flutter when they have such specifications to exclaim to the world. But we in fact didn’t hear anything about it.  


It may be that the screen interface of iPad Pro is simply more accurate when in concert with Apple Pencil 2 so the “ink” is right under the tip. But I have nothing to substantiate that supposition.

In the end, no matter what is the behind this perception, it makes no difference as Apple Pencil 2 and writing on iPad Pro is a wonderful experience. 

*This article and the viewpoints discussed are not representative of Apple. My opinions and observations are my own and not to be confused with Apple’s marketing or perspective.