Ray-Ban Aviator Flash Lenses — Gold, Yellow Flash / by Adrian Galli

Perhaps one of my favorite pairs I've ever owned, the Yellow Flash lenses of these Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses feel like something from a Japanese anime, sci-fi flick—or maybe a golden version of the T-1000 (say... that's a nice bike.) These were my sunglasses of choice for the fall and winter. They are super slick and definitely catch people's attention.

I may not wear them much during the summer—I find that the yellow just felt like a good fall/winter styling. Further, the yellow lenses do change color significantly—colors are very warm. I might even call it a feature. The warmer color in the winter, when I wore these the most, was nice. Same token, during the spring and summer, these lenses render greens really nicely. Maybe I’ll wear them year round!

It is simply worth noting these lenses do not reproduce color as accurately as other Flash Lenses. My Gold, Green Flash pair are fairly neutral in color reproduction. In the non-Flash Lenses Aviator category, like @Collection Gold, Grey/Blue have great color reproduction too. (At this rate, I'll have the whole series. #addiction)

Contrast is good and flare/glare is will controlled in direct sunlight. 

A big plus, however, of those three Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses mentioned, the Yellow Flash pair we the only ones that work with Face ID on iPhone X.

Having had them for a while, I can safely say they are awesome and you should pick up a pair. At $178, it is not a low cost accessory, but cool is cool is cool.

Price: $178

Pro Tip:

If you have an American Express card, check out the offers in their app on online. I got $30 this Ray-Ban purchase—second time it has popped up for my card. Definitely take advantage of that little perk.

*Works with Face ID on iPhone X.