Light Phone 2, Simple / by Adrian Galli


While my loyalty to a certain technology company is in no doubt waivering, I am always very curious about what others are doing in the industry. In fact, some would be surprised to hear me say, I think e Samsung Galaxy S9 and some of its accessories like the Dex are pretty cool. 

The Galazy S9 is a pretty slick design with some really nice features. I won’t be switching to an Android device any time soon but I would be curious to review one at some point.  

Something else in the same arena, but on a very different team, is the Light Phone 2. The second generations of a phone that, in many ways, returns us to the late 90’s but with design and technology from today.  

By allowing you to leave behind your smartphone, it encourages you to spend quality time doing the things you love the most, free of distraction. We call this ‘going light’.

This Phone does only a few things: calls, text messaging, alarm clock, music, directions, and perhaps ride sharing. 


A very interesting mix and clearly well thought out. Connect with your friends and family while you're hanging out. Call or text if you need to. Get a ride home from the bar. Wake up so you don't miss work. Enjoy some music and relax.

I keep my phone usage pretty well under control when out with friends or family but sometimes I challenge myself to only go out with my Apple Watch Series 3 and see how far I can get.

It take a lot of courage these days to leave your smartphone at home.

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*All images courtesy of The Light Phone.