Spiders are Our Friends / by Adrian Galli

One of the most unpopular positions I defend to the death: don’t kill spiders! 

Personally, I don’t find them creepy but I know plenty who do. They find their way into places we humans don’t expect and they surprise us. To be fair to the eight legged creatures, they just want to find some tasty critters to munch on or a safe place to call home—just like us.

Most never pose a threat to us. Even the ones that could harm us might do so because they perceive us as a threat. Funny thing is, they are probably right to fight back—so many of us homosapiens will kill these friendly arachnids on sight.

In all actuality, they are really, really important to the ecosystem. Having some in your home are in fact beneficial. Those meals they seek are other insects and pests that might otherwise be bad for you. They aren't picky—mosquito, ants, mites, whatever they can catch they will likely try to eat.

Spiders don’t damage your property, they won’t burrow into the wood of your house like termites, and a spider usually lives a very secluded life. You’ll likely never find a hive of thousands and thousands of spiders like in the film Arachnophobia.

Don’t kill the next spider you see in your home.

Why?Because spiders are an important part of nature and our indoor ecosystem—as well as being fellow organisms in their own right.
— Matt Bertone, Quartz

Live and let live. And how could you squash a cute spider like this one? He just wants to dance!