Light My Fire

Light My Fire — Spork Classic by Adrian Galli

Never would I have expected to, one, write a review about a spork, nor, two, expect a spork to win design awards. But years ago this did in fact all happen.

Sweden is known for many things including their culture of design. One Swedish designer, Joachim Nordwall, designed a fork-spoon-knife combination both excellent is design and excellent in function. On one end, a spoon, and the other end, a fork-knife combination. Simple yet effective.

Coming in a variety of colors, one can pick the spork that fits their personality best—I own several of this fantastic utensil. I keep one in pretty much every bag or backpack I use frequently. I do my best to not waste plastic utensils, straws, bag, lids, etc. when eating out so carrying one of these is not only a tribute to a favorite design but also helps save some trash from going into the environments.

One might find it a little silly that this utensil has reached a level whereby it gets entire articles written about it but sometimes it is the little things in life that are fun.

The first time someone sees one of these sporks they tend to either chuckle or be rather curious—or chuckle to cover their curiosity. But once they see it close up, everyone loves it.

It makes a fun little gift for friends and family. I gave one to a longtime friend and colleague after receiving some ribbing for using mine during a lunch break at work. She now uses hers probably more than I use mine. But that is also what is kind of fun and exciting about the Light My Fire Spork Original. It somehow has the ability through its simplicity and design to inspire people to use it.

I definitely vote it a recommended item for your everyday carry list (EDC) but don’t be fooled by the knock-off versions. The real deal if made exclusively by Light My Fire of Sweden.

BPA free, dishwasher safe, extremely durable, lightweight (9g), safe for non stick cookware, heat-resistant.

Price: $3