November — A Year in Photographs by Adrian Galli


Smoke, Chicago, 11/14/2017

Smoke, Chicago, 11/14/2017

Capturing motion in a photograph is a challenge. I love playing with long exposure but I also used Live Photos with iPhone. It felt a little bit like cheating, there is a movie created with all Live Photos, but it was a month of busy schedules.

Apple Michigan Avenue opened on October 20th, 2017 as I played a major role as Historian documenting the event. We then when right into the Chicago Series which was thirty days of programming at Apple Michigan Avenue. I spent much of my time working as a Programming Expert where by I was one of four who managed the team in charge of the events taking place.

Most of these events took place at night and I was at Apple Michigan Avenue for sometimes twelve or more hours. Finding time to fit in my person project was hard but achieved.

I had aspirations to do more action based photography; photographing sporting events, for example. But given my time limitations, I could not make it happen. As it stands, November might be better known as Long Exposure but, as with many months before, this gave me inspiration to move into a deeper project for the subject of motion. As 2018 approaches and A Year in Photographs will be coming to an end in a month, I plan to extend my creative endeavor in a new directions of more project based photography.

Please enjoy November.

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