Gear / by Adrian Galli

Some people ask me what I shoot my photos with. I really will shoot with any equipment. I don't believe that gear makes you a good photographer. A good photographer can shoot something great no matter what the equipment in his hands is.

Never has someone asked me what camera I used to shoot a photo until after they say, "wow, that's a great photo." But the curious do want to know and I'm happy to talk gear because I enjoy it.

The photos on my site are from a few cameras. They are all mixed together. Some things were shot with iPhones (iPhone 4, 5 or 6). I also shoot with a Nikon FX (digital 35mm) and an Olympus Micro Four Thirds (m43) setup.

My Nikon gear is big and powerful; my favorite is my D700. The gear tends to be heavy so I don't do a lot of personal work with it. My Olympus gear is much lighter but really powerful. The lenses are small, the image stabilization is really impressive and the quality is superb. I shoot with it a lot because I can carry it with me everywhere. I find it to be a more fun system because it isn't the anchor that the Nikon gear is.

Some photos you see, however, are also shot with Canon DSLRs. I have been on shoots where I do not use my own equipment; it is provided for me. I'll shoot with any camera in my hands. I enjoy experiencing and experimenting with different cameras (both photography and cinema). 

I can give a million reasons why this gear is best for me but they best gear for you is what you like. I definitely recommend Nikon or Olympus (or any m43). Specifically I use an E-M5. But go out and finds the equipment that works best for you. Most importantly, don't worry too much about it; go out and shoot!