Along the Lakeshore / by Adrian Galli


Winters in Chicago can be brutal. Actually, they are brutal. Sadly that keeps a lot of us inside including us photographers. But when the weather starts to get nice again, we come out to play.

It was a foggy morning on March 10. I decided to go out to the lakeshore which is an always changing landscape. There was still snow piled up along the shoreline. I really couldn't tell if I was walking on the beach or on a buildup of ice over the water. 

The fog pretty much obstructed the view of anything within half a mile. Massive skyscrapers on the skyline that you can see from anywhere in the city were completely cloaked. It appeared like the shore of the beach of some pirate adventure movie. I would've expected haunted ship to sail out of the fog.

The only thing of color, however, was the water.

Lake Michigan has an aquamarine color to it. As the sun starts to warm up the water and the days become longer, March and April bring an even deeper richer color to the water.

It was the perfect day to take some photos of something few people get out to see because the weather was so miserable but the lakeshore was so haunting and beautiful.