A New Year, New Project / by Adrian Galli

Abstract HB2

Abstract HB2

Happy New Year!

With the beginning of 2016, we all have a lot of resolutions and such we wish to accomplish in the  coming 12 months. I've set a few. All are in different aspects of my life. Some for personal sake, some professional, and some creative.

I've always been a fan of abstract art. Looking into a painting or other work of art and exploring what my eye and mind see in the piece. So one of my projects for the year is a "Made on iPhone" project.

Those who know and follow me understand my philosophy on cameras and gear. Mostly, the camera doesn't really make any difference in one's creative endeavors. And many know my love for pushing my skills with limited equipment or seeing what I can achieve with something that others would claim isn't worth using. My iPhone is always with me and I am continually shooting photos that push my skills and the camera's abilities.

For 2016, my Made on iPhone project is creating abstract photography from everyday moments. I have shared a few already but to start. The image you see here is known as Abstract HB2. Shot in camera using the iPhone and processed using VSCO.

Please follow this series and give me your feedback! Happy New Year! Go out and create a project of your own to experiment and creativity for 2016.