Abstract Update / by Adrian Galli

My projects tend to be numerous but my 2016 iPhone Photography venture is flexible. Having my iPhone 6s with me at all time, anytime, anywhere inspiration hit, I can continue this abstract photo series.

Abstract ACG (2)

Abstract ACG (2)

Light, shadow, blur, and motion the foundation for this project. It has been great fun looking ay literally anything and gaining inspiration to capture an image. There are many things in this world worth photographing but many, many more that are not. When it comes to shooting abstractly, one find a great freedom in both what has the potential for being interesting.

Some of my images from the Abstract series have simple been captured while sitting at work, visualizing a pattern with motion and blur, or looking up when others are looking down. General composition withstanding, many common photography practices are lifted and definitions of "what photography is" (whatever that even means) is not necessarily applied.

Shot on iPhone 6s