500px.com Photo Challenge Submission / by Adrian Galli

Lights and Bokeh

Lights and Bokeh

500px.com is one of my favorite photography sharing websites.  While there are many ways to share your photos, 500px is to Flickr what Vimeo is to YouTube; a little more curated, more photography enthusiasts, and not as many selfies or cat pictures. (Not that there is anything wrong with that.)

Occasionally, they have photo challenges where members can submit photos related to a particular subject or style of photography and win likes and prizes should their photos be chosen. 

Last week, bokeh became the challenges launched by 500px. Bokeh being the quality is visual appeal of the blurry background some photos have. 

The photo I submitted was originally just an experiment but as I worked with the image in post, I found I liked it more for its somewhat abstract simplicity and general visual appeal.  

If you are a 500px member, I'd love to get your vote and, as always, enjoy the photography!

Lights and Bokeh on 500px.com

P.S. The photo has already made it to "Popluar"... That's pretty cool.