Revisited / by Adrian Galli

Rush University

Rush University

When going out and exploring the city, I find that I'll come back with some images that are I keep but don't feel particularly drawn to. I might play with them in post a little and find them worthy of being maintained but not publishing.

Occasionally, I'll take a brief tour of my photos from months or even years ago and stumble on one of these image but now I see it differently, a new image that hasn't changed but also new.

I once read, and I don't recall who said this, one should wait six months before sharing a photo with the world. I don't also agree with this as I have images that I immediately wish to share but I have found some wisdom in the experience that I keep an image not knowing why or what to do with it. I suppose I could argue the picture sat in my mind, subconsciously waiting my conscious return before it is ready for others' to view.

Another strange method to the creative process.