Infinite Ways to Photograph Anything / by Adrian Galli

Geometric Black and White

Geometric Black and White

There are many subjects in this world that have been photographed over and over and over again. Some of these include the Eiffel Tower, Millennium Park, Marina City, the Roman Coliseum, the Parthenon, and many more. 

It's easy to be fooled into thinking that because one subject has been photographed so many times that there's no need to photograph again or that one can't bring a new perception to said subject but I would argue that there is an infinite ways to bring a new vision to something that has been seen so many times.  

The building shown in this photo I have photographs so many times before but there are so many ways to photograph it that I am compelled to shoot it again and again.

I once posted, on Twitter, that sometimes the best shot is behind you. While walking down a street I've walked down many times, a building a shot many times, with the sun and light exactly how I've seen it many time, the green light changed and in one serendipitous moment, I turned and saw this familiar building in a very unfamiliar way. 

Shot on iPhone 6s