February — A Year in Photographs / by Adrian Galli

The Second Month

The coldest month of the year for Chicago turned into the warmest in A Year in Photographs.

One Point – Day 59, Chicago, 2/28/2017

One Point – Day 59, Chicago, 2/28/2017

February can be an absolutely horrid month of weather for Chicago. In fact, I chose February's theme of Shapes and Patterns strategically in the event that it was too cold out to travel finding a photography for the day. I knew that I could find an image anywhere that would fit the build. 

However, Chicago was fortunate this year. February comes to an end and it has been an absolutely beautiful month.

One asks me, "What the temperature going to be?"

"Zero," I reply. 

"Celsius or Fahrenheit," they question.

"First one, then the other."

That was not the case this year and I was fortunate that I could spend so much time outside. Sunny, warm, not a millimeter of snow, and my Florida Excursion 2017, I enjoyed much time outside along with my time with Juan Galindo, my second Guest Photographer for this project.

More importantly than the weather, I've become aware of something surrounding photography. Fifty-nine days in and twenty-eight of Shapes and Patterns, I've developed what I would call a new sense. While I will always say to people many of my photographs are taken in a fleeting moment; a moment where I am not certain whether my conscious mind is actually the first to be aware of the image presented to me, that sense has become more conscious.

Walking down a street I've walked down a thousand times and I am hyper aware of my visual surrounding more than any other time in my cinematic or photographic careers. The world itself has change; photographs pull me to them rather than me seeking them out.

Ruby – Day 40, Chicago, 2/9/2017

Ruby – Day 40, Chicago, 2/9/2017

Two of my favorite photographs from this month were both recognized by VSCO and added to their curated collections; colorful and minimalistic, it is an honor to be added.

With Distinction – Ruby
With Distinction – Teal

Teal – Day 47, Panama City, 2/16.2017

Teal – Day 47, Panama City, 2/16.2017

Teal was one of these "impulses." While sitting in a car, waiting in a parking lot, from ten meters away I saw this image. At first I resisted getting out of the car but, even with many other images ready for my photograph of that day, I immediately knew Teal would be in. 

This month's photography experience had an ancillary reward, too. Every year, at Apple, we have a fitness challenge where my colleagues and I compete on teams against others to lose weight or eat healthier. Using Apple Watch, this year we had a "close the rings challenge" whereby we had a goal each day to close out move, exercise, and stand goal.

With three tiers, bronze, silver, and gold, one chose a specific league to achieve within the twenty-eight days of February. My team was awesome in our support for each other and we all achieved and exceeded our goals. I put myself in for silver but I could not have done it without A Year in Photographs.

Having to get up and out to find my photograph for each day pushed me not only creatively but also physically. Some days I walked four or five miles around Chicago or Mexico Beach to hit both my Close the Rings Challenge but also my photography goals.

By the skin of my teeth, I made gold! Both healthier and more creative, my iPhone, my team, cameras, and Apple Watch all made it possible. Go for the gold!

February's twenty-eight days of Shapes and Patterns coming to an end, I've collected some of my favorite photos. I also need to thanks Juan Galindo, my Guest Photographer, and my Close the Rings Challenge team, Ethan Kelly, Tonja Thigpen, and Andrew Halliday for being the best fitness challenge team! I hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment.

I am only fifty-nine days into A Year in Photographs and I can only wait to see how this "sense" develops.

Up next: MarchPeople.

The Twenty-eight Photographs of February