With Distinction / by Adrian Galli

There are a lot of social media platforms out there and just about all of them support photos. Of those photo supporting networks, there are many just for photography: Instagram, Flickr, iCloud, etc. But my favorites are 500px.com and VSCO [Grid].

While 500px.com is where I put my best photos and [mostly] from my "traditional" cameras, VSCO Grid is a photography sharing platform where I exclusively post photos shot with my iPhone.

VSCO Cam is a fantastic app for editing your photos on your iOS device; it is my first and favorite app to use. VSCO Grid is an Instagram-like photo sharing branch of VSCO but I much prefer it. It is where you'll find the best photos and the best photographers with the fewest cat/dog/food and/or selfie photos.

I received an email today that one of my recent photos has been chose for their curated search; thanks VSCO for loving my photography!

Please join and follow me on VSCO Grid.