With Distinction – VSCO by Adrian Galli


Anyone who knows me understands I like some recognition here and there. A lot of recognition is great while I don't really want the attention. I also know, in the world of social networking and memes, the spotlight can be hot and brief so I'll appreciate the value of the attention.

VSCO, my favorite photography community and app, has recorgnized me for the third time and twice in a week. I am honored and gracious that they are so interested in my work.  

Thank you VSCO! 

With Distinction by Adrian Galli

There are a lot of social media platforms out there and just about all of them support photos. Of those photo supporting networks, there are many just for photography: Instagram, Flickr, iCloud, etc. But my favorites are and VSCO [Grid].

While is where I put my best photos and [mostly] from my "traditional" cameras, VSCO Grid is a photography sharing platform where I exclusively post photos shot with my iPhone.

VSCO Cam is a fantastic app for editing your photos on your iOS device; it is my first and favorite app to use. VSCO Grid is an Instagram-like photo sharing branch of VSCO but I much prefer it. It is where you'll find the best photos and the best photographers with the fewest cat/dog/food and/or selfie photos.

I received an email today that one of my recent photos has been chose for their curated search; thanks VSCO for loving my photography!

Please join and follow me on VSCO Grid.