Instagram Gets Modern / by Adrian Galli

Instagram's new icon.

Instagram's new icon.

What does his mean for the hipsters? 

After years of waiting and hoping, Instagram gets a new icon and a mordernized interface. As one of my favorites in social networking, I'm pleased to see it moving forward... admittedly, I'm not sure about the icon. I don't think I'm thrilled with it but the hurrah over how "ugly" it is seems highly exaggerated. 

The interface is overall much cleaner and I could see these changes coming with some adjustments made in the app recently such as flatter, less colorful UI features.

Technology is like a fast moving river. One can try to swim against the current and fail. One can also get swept away in the flow of water into confusion; perhaps drown in it. Or one can navigate the river like so many pioneers before and use the waterways to one's advantage. 

My experience in the industry, many fight changes in technology and cause themselves much frustration and irritation. Technology is change. I have made my way navigating the technological river and built a huge skill set rivaled my few.  

For right now, the icon is fine and the interface is great. Besides, if a change in icon is the worst thing to happen to a beloved app, consider it a first world problem like having too many choices at one's favorite burrito joint.

The *real* problem is that the new icon doesn't go with any of the other icons on my home screen.