Geometry — September 2018 / by Adrian Galli

Blocks, Chicago 2018

Blocks, Chicago 2018

Since 2015, I’ve been working on a photography project around architecture—black and white, high contrast, geometric photography, or as some said, making photographs look almost like vector graphics. Those who follow this project know it is a bit challenging because, one, the buildings must be a a certain albedo. Two, they must also have certain design characteristics. And, three, the weather must be just right.

The past month i’ve had some time to work on the further here in Chicago. I’m pleased to share these images with you.

As this series goes, it is almost entirely from buildings here in Chicago. While there are plenty of structures here and Chicago is one of the architectural capitals of the world, I’ll eventually run short on buildings that fit this project.

It is time for me to branch out into other locations. Where should I go next?

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