Series 6 — Bottle Caps by Adrian Galli

Project Kr, a Year in Photographs, deep into macro with one of my favorite small things: bottle caps. While doing this project, however, I found I really like what I got but also found myself wanting more. Almost taking things into design, I will revisit this project this year with a new and colorful idea.

Special thanks to Matt Molby who provided some of these awesome bottle caps.

Series 7 coming March 12, 2019.

Series 1 — Portraits of Produce by Adrian Galli

Project Kr, begins with Portraits of Produce, the first series of the year.

Inspired by shapes, minimalism, macro, and an affinity toward dramatic, one point lighting, a project of what I expected to be half a dozen or so images just kept growing. In fact, I might continue this with other produce items that I didn’t get to photography (or couldn’t find) like fresh figs, several types of squash, and more.

I hope you return because a black and white version of this series may also appear. I decided this needed to be color in the moment but some of these images look really spectacular in black and white.

A funny take away: lighting an aubergine proved to be much harder with anticipated. The Story of the Aubergine, behind the scenes, on Hexagon on the way.

Series 2 coming January 21, 2019.

Portraits of Produce